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How do I Place an order?

With respect to our dealers we do not currently sell our Carburetor Rebuild Kits retail directly  to the public. The fastest way is to check our "DEALERS" page on this website, or You can contact us through our website for your nearest dealer.  They are also available through several internet dealers.  ALSO we have a link to an Ebay store on the top of the home  page. 

But we will have our Internet Store operational in the future with a large variety of Aftermarket Parts available at competitive prices




How do I Become a Dealer?

We welcome all Dealer and Warehouse Distributor inquries. Please contact us through our website.



Where Are You Products Made?

Our products are carefully researched for quality components both foreign and domestic, to deliver the best possible parts to our customers. They do not have just one source, and we are constantly looking for any ways to improve and back up our production.


What Other Parts Are You Planning On Making?

We are always evaluating what products the market is looking for. Whether it be in the VW aftermarket industry or the RV market. Got a need? Let us know.

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