The Engle W110 Classic VW Bug camshaft grind is designed for 1.1 or 1.25 rockers, and it's specs are .392" Cam Lift, .430" Valve Lift (1.1 Rockers), 284 degrees of advertised duration, and 247 degrees of duration at .050", on a 108 Lobe Center.
This is the most popular and best all-around street cam ever made for a VW engine.

Engle Camshaft W110 VW Type 1

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  • Engle Part Number: 6110

    Valve Lift Using 1.25:1 Rocker Arms: 0.490 Inches
    Valve Lift Using 1.1:1 Rocker Arms: 0.430 Inches
    Camshaft Gross Lift: 0.392 Inches
    Advertised Duration: 284 Degrees
    Duration at 0.050: 247 Degrees
    Lobe Center: 108 Degrees