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“KADRON” Brosol / Solex H40/44EIS Single Barrel Carburetor Rebuild kit W/ New Float aka KADRON
This is the ONLY Kit available on the market with ALL New Replacement parts
The latest in our line of quality Carburetor kits. The Brosol / Solex H40/44EIS Rebuild kit. Aka the Kadron carburetor, a staple in the VW carb industry since the early 70’s. The Kadron manufacturing company from Brazil, known mainly for making exhaust systems came up with this affordable dual carburetor kit for the VW owners that changed the industry forever.

702OH Brosol 40-44 IES aka KADRON OVERHAUL KIT

  • These parts are Brand New! Tooled and manufactured for this specific Carburetor Application.
    This kit includes:
    1.New Accelerator Pump Spray Tube .070
    2.New Accelerator Pump Arm and Spring
    3.New Throttle Body Spacer Plate, Molded in Black
    4.Top gasket
    5.Base gasket
    6.NEW float with pin and retainer (dogbone)
    7.Accelerator pump diaphragm
    8.Accelerator pump diaphragm spring
    9.Needle & seat with 2 sealing rings / washers.
    10.Fuel filter plug seal
    11.Secondary check valve ball
    12.2 ea. Throttle body gaskets
    13.Inline Fuel Filter
    Printed item list
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